Mexican parrots in danger

Currently all of the 22 mexican parrot species are on the IUCN red list!

Mexico has 22 species and subspecies of parrots, of which 10 are endemic to the country. According to statistics every parrot in a cage stands for four dead individuals during capture and transport (see reports of Defenders of Wildlife, Mexico 2007 & 2012).

Capture and trade of parrots have been illegal in Mexico since 2008 but the keeping of these birds in captivity has tradition in Mexico. These long living and highly intelligent creatures are mostly kept in tiny cages without any possibility to express their natural behavior. This results in most cases in early death after a period of diseases and behavioral disturbances.

Worldwide parrots are facing extinction in the wild representing therefore the most endangered group within all bird species (see Parrot Action Plan, published by Snyder et al, 2000). The situation is especially critical in the neo-tropical region, where almost 31% of the psittacine species are at risk of global extinction (Collar and Juniper 1992, Collar 2000, Lantermann 2012). Main reasons for this dramatic decline is illegal capture, habitat loss and the introduction of new, non-native species.