Goals & Values

Project goals

  • Restoration of tropical ecosystems
  • Spreading knowledge about autonomy and sustainable lifestyles to reduce poverty and exploitation
  • Wildlife management as a stable income source
  • Strategic reforestation by re-connecting the last forest patches
  • Animal Wellbeing and Rehabilitation – sharing knowledge about behavioral needs of wild animals and bringing them back from captivity to their habitats
  • Pride of natural resources versus illegal trafficking of wildlife
  • Cooperation with initiatives that work towards increasing the awareness for the needs of living creatures
  • Distribution of functional models instead of competition within environmental work
  • Sharing of know-how and models that work with others in the environmental field, instead of competing against them 

Core values

  • Respect towards all living beings in the ecosystem
  • Ecologic, social and economic sustainability as defined by the UN Report „Our common future“ in 1987 and also Ott/ Döring  „Theorie und Praxis starker Nachhaltigkeit“ (2008)
  • Cooperation instead of competition