Awareness Tour – Crowdfunding to support our mission

Protect Mexico’s high biological diversity. You can make a change!

The main purpose of this 6 months information tour, starting in September 2021, is to share our 15 years of experience. We have successfully rehabilitated and liberated former captive parrots.

Parrots are highly endangered in Mexico through extensive deforestation and illegal trade.

This campaign in Mexico will raise awareness about human impact on the ecosystem and the potential of sustainable eco-tourism. Furthermore, the planned tour will spread our vision of establishing a rescue shelter by including local villages and already existing environmental protecting initiatives.

By donating you create the world of tomorrow!

Support us!!! Share this wonderful video and help us to move on with our vision and mission to dedicate our efforts to species protection and biodiversity conservation!

Unterstützen Sie uns!!! Teilen Sie dieses wunderbare Video und helfen Sie uns unser Projekt, unsere Vision und Mission für Artenschutz und Biodiversität voranzubringen!